• Cheryl Iliadis

Self improvement March - Boundaries

We are already in the tenth week of this year and the weeks seem to be barreling past us, and this week comes with Dragon energy, obliterating our outdated plans, boundaries, opinions, perceptions, you name it, the universe has ten pin bowled it recently. If not maybe you feel the anxiety of anticipating that happening. If you resonate with this, then you’re amongst most of the humans in the world right now experiencing unprecedented emotions on top of all our own brand of everyday problems and struggles. This week will no doubt be pushing those boundaries for you or those around you. It’s not to rub you the wrong way, it is in fact an invitation to relook at that boundary so that you can release, replace or reinforce it depending on the outcome of your assessment, making sure that you are really committed to that boundary. Sometimes the boundaries we made for ourselves were made in a time that doesn’t exist anymore and it just doesn’t make sense to keep it there but we leave it unquestioned until something comes to challenge it. Some of us need stronger boundaries with others and higher ones for ourselves because we’re our own worst enemy. Sometimes our own boundaries create limitations for us that strangle the life out of us or those close to us and they could be adjusted or tweaked regularly to suit your own evolution and make everyone happier. Maybe you’re having some exercise training your inner Dragon these days? Take the time to have faith in your journey, forgive and let go of the things that are gone and are too heavy to carry, especially the things you hold against yourself, they are the heaviest. Have patience with yourself and others as you make necessary adjustments to your life, boundaries, perceptions and environment, it may bounce around a bit and that’s okay because it’s about learning as you go and not about being perfect all of the time. If this is something you struggle with, a couple of therapy sessions with me will assist to pinpoint and course correct so that you can live your best life instead of shooting yourself in your future feet. On an energy level wearing blues and greens, as well as feathers and blue-green crystals this week will help for calm and clarity if this is something you’re experiencing. If you are an open energy person, you will easily pick up messages and their meanings like the ones that pop in your head or on the radio or in an advert, on a whisper or in the wind and you’re able to understand them. Some hear the messages and don’t know how to integrate them into their lives or they don’t trust their inside voice that it is even their angels or creator talking to them. Therapy can help you turn down the noise and allow you to hear your own internal voice with your own internal ears by identifying and learning your natural frequencies, so that you can gain those inspiring ideas about your security, property, valuable, self-protection, health, wellbeing and how to take practical steps towards achieving whatever it is. You are a talented human being with special skills and abilities backed with unique wisdom and it’s being guarded inside yourself and perhaps for good reasons, but those days are gone and it’s not helping you if it’s limiting your potential. Maybe it is a blockage caused by elders or lack there of? Whatever the root cause, therapy can help detect or balance those energies in your life to create home free of disturbance so that your body, brain and soul has the best environment to grow and evolve in, no matter what your religion or spirituality. You are an Earthling first, with a heart made by Mother Nature and powered by your Creator and manmade fear keeps us apart from our individual greatness. Trusting yourself to make healthy foundations is the cornerstone of how you balance and integrate the new into your life for your highest good. With all that is happening in the world, it’s pretty obvious that we’re all cleaning the deadwood from our lives whether we want to or not and the message this week is that not all deadwood has to be thrown out. Some deadwood can be transformed into a decorative art pieces, reused or repurposed in new ways, and that goes for everything, people, places, things, thoughts, anything. The point is to choose forward, look at any boundaries that are too tight that make you feel captive, chained or restricted from your talents and desires. Observe and release resistance that comes up and only withdraw to understand something and then bounce back with a new fresh plans. No matter how many times it takes, keep following this method. Life is about oneness and flow, shadow and light, masculine and feminine, good and bad, it’s about red bloodedness, love and making beauty where ugliness existed before. A lot of people are getting a blank canvas to paint on right now, a clean slate and sometimes that can also be overwhelming because that may look like you’ve taken big steps back in your life, but that is where I can help you gain the coping skills you need for cycles that stagnate or repeat so that you can flow into your natural growth pattern with confidence. For those of you who follow the moon cycle, the new moon is Saturday the 13th and that’s a good time put an end to all that no longer serves you. WhatsApp or Call 0769504075 or Email Find out more about what I can offer you online and follow me on social media for more wellness updates.

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