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Self-improvement March- Awareness

Updated: Jun 29

March is already here to kick off the autumn equinox which signals that season change is here and that means yet another transformation to go through with the full moon this past weekend which brought self-illumination with it. This month’s energy seems to be focused on our self-improvement, which means a total trinity tune up… that means attending the needs of your body, brain and soul as well as how you are integrating your new you into the new world. Luckily for us, this is one of the only months this year that has no planets in retrograde which means we should have little interference with getting to these especially important self-evolvement tasks. If you are in the natural flow of Planet Earth, then you should be going more into your head right now, experiencing a lot of thought, ideas, flashes of inspiration, ahaaaa moments of understanding how connected we all really are, giving you courage to face the things you have been avoiding. If you are in your natural rhythm, you will start to notice how the choice is yours and always has been and you may wonder a lot about the past you and why you went about things the way you did. Why you felt so trapped or confined or limited. You may even be noticing the beauty of clouds going by or getting lost looking at the sky, daydreaming, having flying dreams, appreciating the landscape, finding feathers or having a sense of comfort that everything is going to be okay. You may even start to recognise all signs around you by feelings or thoughts that pop up in yourself and your surroundings, giving you clues and reassurances as well as warnings, notice that about your body, observe how your brain is responding to those cues, listen to what your soul has to say about it also. It is a thought-provoking season with still enough summer energy to fuel the big dreams! If you’re feeling overwhelmed that’s it’s March already, you could be experiencing an overload with a busy brain, feeling like you’ve left too many things to the last minute or you’re overly stressed, triggered, traumatised or experiencing bereavement, which is quite a number of us out there right now due to the collateral damage of this pandemic.

This time is a good opportunity to check out from that chaos and improve your self communication, your perceptions about yourself and others around you and what to clear out from all the clutter you’ve been collecting, whether it’s in your body, brain or soul. Therapy with me can assist you with any of these challenges that you may be finding a bit too loud or not loud enough to be able to get to on your own until you can. Connecting with your Angels, your Creator and your Highest Self are also great ways of getting there on your own, with meditation, prayer or quiet time, and listen for the whispered answers to your questions and concerns. Pay attention to the signs around you and the feelings, thoughts and emotions you experience because this month will also be about our other senses and using them to understand or appreciate the unseen, for example stopping to smell roses or feeling that cool autumn breeze flow across your skin on a warm sunshiny day, feeling it in your bones that a storm is coming. Self-improvement also means a physical cleansing of your environment, cupboards, friend list, the to do pile and so on. Analyse what you need to and balance it with knowing that all is well if you have been trying your best. Breathing as well as spending time in nature is also an important tool to learn about this month and master, as it has fascinating effects on the body and a great healing tool for traumatic situations and damage control and there is a lot of free material on YouTube for you to research yourself, otherwise I can assist you in a way tailored for what you are searching for. My therapy can help you detect where you need assistance if you are battling to find that starting point or you need assistance expanding into your full potential. Notice the message you receive inside of yourself and allow yourself to grow in natural healthy ways. If you can take a break to figure your stuff out, now is a great time to do that, some of us don’t have a choice and the sabbatical has been forced on us whilst we look for alternative employment or create something to work on from home to start up our own businesses so that we can survive and then eventually thrive. This would be an ideal time to reinvent your wheels, it’s given us all a unique opportunity with time to prepare for our future selves. Tragedies bring us things like new vision, allies, friends, visibility, clarity, humility and seeds for a new life after the trauma. We must accept reality for what it is without ignoring what is possible as well as what is at risk. Fear allows us to know what is important and needs caution and careful consideration, it isn’t meant to stop you from attempting things that involve risk. Therapy can give you tools to prepare yourself for the challenges you know are coming and it also reveals if your foundations are toxic or healthy enough to continue to build your life on. February was about self-love that is morphing into self-improvement March and that means we need to man or woman up with a loving and open heart together with open eyes. It reminds us to plant now to reap the fruits later as we head toward winter and take future care of ourselves. WhatsApp or Call 0769504075 or Email cheryl@innerreachhypnotherapy to set up your appointment.

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