• Cheryl Iliadis

Reparent Yourself!

We are all born with no limiting self-beliefs, perceptions or fear, but rather in a theta state known as hypnosis where we mimic our caregivers and start to unknowingly create belief systems for ourselves. Because our language is limited, most of these equations are made silently, within ourselves. 95% of what we become by age 35 is remanence of that care giving, circumstance and environment and we start to wear those stories in our behaviours and mirror them in our relationships with others, who will either bring out the best or worst in us. This is why hypnosis is such an effective healing tool and a weapon against trauma and damage, because it gets you into that same state where your faulty wiring can be reviewed, reworked and rewired. This means that it is never too late to uncross any limiting wiring. We’ve all seen how our appliance and device cords get tangled up behind our desks and tables so infuriatingly easily, as if by themselves, the same is true for our brain wiring, it can become real messy, real fast and it will just stay like that until you go untangle each one and lay them out neatly. Hypnosis sounds intimidating and invasive, as if you might re-live traumatic moments to get to your bad wiring, but that isn’t the case. It’s much like watching a scary movie when you are a child and then seeing it later as an adult and you can’t believe you were so afraid of it before, this is because as a child, our brain was still learning and

formed a juvenile impression of it, which would be a lot different to your rational adult brain whose learned a lot since then. We have all grown and changed and just like our cars, phones and computers need upgrading or servicing, so does our body, brain and soul. Hypnosis gently views those patterns that were created in toxicity and removes the ones you want to get rid of and replaces them with patterns you actually want, no matter what kind of upbringing you had. Our environment, food, medicine, country, genetics, parents, family, friends, enemies, abusers, teachers, society, movies, the media, television and social media all have significant influence over the people we are and who we are becoming, which is why it is so important to surround yourself with people who believe in you and that all things are possible, people who avoid slamming square pegs into round holes and rather welcome your uniqueness. Hanging out in situations that are limiting and damaging, making us feel less than, chipping away at us until there is nothing left, and this is why so many people are medicating with pharmaceuticals, self harm or substances. Whilst some are drugs are necessary for real medical problems, most are being misused and so many people are misdiagnosed and on the wrong meds. Medicine isn’t going to untangle those wires behind the TV cabinet, but getting in there with your own hands, starting from scratch… WILL! Understanding where your wires got crossed is especially helpful, liberating and so self-rewarding. Hypnosis can free you be the hero you’ve been waiting for. Our behaviours and patterns are a direct result of the lens we look through, it gives us all the details we need to see where to focus our healing intentions and the tools to go at them everyday. Thoughts and beliefs are what drive humans to action and starts to lay out what kind of adult we will become. Many people are abused and sadly it’s children who bare the brunt of this because they are easily silenced, followed by women who are easily intimidated, however it does happen to men as well. For most of us, addiction is the only answer and removing that solution can cause a complete melt down to a brain who doesn’t know another way. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection. An addiction to drugs, alcohol, gym, helicoptering, food, talking, isolating, self-harm or anything to just make it stop are all easily accessible solutions because we haven’t been taught about the miracle that hypnosis offers. Ultimately, this temporary addictive solution is just a giant pause button, a distraction. None of them can fix a tangled necklace, only your fingers can whilst you’re looking at it, slowly and purposefully removing the knots so you don’t break it. Healing comes from sorting through the muck that’s vibrating in your trinity (body, brain and soul) and repairing any broken, faulty or missing pathways. There is a world of people hurting just the same with different details to their story, all feeling alone, disconnected, all afraid of facing the mess, all afraid of change, scared of their shame and what is involved with the change, beating themselves up for their pasts, quite often things that they had no control over, just like any child automatically feels they are to blame for any mess with things they love. If this is something you have been experiencing or know someone struggling this way, you can let them know that it is time to call back their youthful, innocent, unabridged spirit and to step forward with confidence and grace into their unknown, with the same excitement and wonder a healthy, loved, secure 5 year old would have. Through the use of powerful hypnotherapy techniques, mastered over centuries, together we can awaken a person’s attachment to their beliefs and bring about positive shifts, implanting new, more current updates and programming that is encouraging, motivating and inspiring with a can-do flavour as your new natural set point which will no doubt enable you to achieve those results, dreams, goals and objectives that you just aren’t getting to. Children make meaning out events they witness and create an internal map of how the world is and because so many of us grew up in dysfunctional situations, most of our world perception is skew, false and illusionary. We all have an inner child inside of us that is confused and being ignored because we must “adult”, grow up and put on a brave face and then before we know it, 10 years have slipped by and we’re still on some merry-go-round in our own personally designed hell that looks a lot like ground hog day which funnily enough was celebrated last week on 3 June. Meanings help us cope and that is why it is important to tie up loose ends and learn how to read our own map that we made. Just like a live electricity wire is dangerous and needs to be grounded, so must we take our own wiring seriously, so as to not short circuit ourselves. There is a unique

treasure inside all of us that the chaos is keeping us from and it’s in our best interest to take a look at the map we’ve made and go treasure hunting with a brand new lens in your spyglass. It is what we were meant to do as children, but trauma turns that off and puts survival in charge, which is where many an inner child is “lost”. Until now… Hypnosis can show you the way to connect with your true self and acknowledge our inner child who needs us to nourish them with authenticity, equality, love, balance, healthy natural food, fresh water, clean environments, physical safety and security, but also just general fun, adventure and laughter. Damaged children go on to damage everyone around them, many obliviously reenact their trauma with their own kids, feeling very misunderstood and dark. Hypnosis can assist in identifying what we are negatively attached to, where we are struggling so we can expand into our natural potential and stop stagnating with sickening repetitive cycles and rather embrace love for ourselves and others with a big open heart, free of judgement, harm or unhealthy manipulation. Spend this June taking care of yourself, the 10th of June is the annual Solar Eclipse and it is the perfect time to set new intentions and personal goals that are more aligned with you who want to be, allowing the Sun’s power to burn away the traumatic bonds of your past and who you feel you have to be, along with all the things holding you back or dragging you down. Let me know if you’d like me to show you the way to successfully reparenting yourself, as you know, it takes a village and you are NOT alone. WhatsApp or Call 0769504075 or Email Find out more about what I can offer you online and follow me on social media for more wellness updates.

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