• Cheryl Iliadis

I allow the old to burn away and love myself enough to rise from the ashes.

February is renowned for being the month of love, togetherness, sharing, caring and forgiveness. All of these powerful actions create passion energy, which is no wonder why it’s also our hottest month. Traditionally it has been about showing your love to another, however, this year more than ever it is important to celebrate this month of love by loving ourselves more than we love the thing or person we cherish the most. In these times of devastation, it is important to remember how much new growth comes after devastating fires of our lives or hearts crashing down in the flames. February brings with it the message of the Golden Phoenix who rises from the ashes, bursting into new life, new love, new compassion, new perspective that births new perceptions and ignites new pathways. This is a time and space where you can connect back to your creator allowing yourself to transform into the new you. One of the ways we do this is by embracing pleasure in all the healthy ways that you experience that feeling and really spoil yourself. Even if you don’t have money, you can still take an epsom salt crystal bath, listening to your favourite theme songs on your get up and go music playlist, give yourself a facial, mani, pedi and make yourself your favourite foods and complimenting yourself with honest but positive praise. Whether you’re a lady or gent, your body, brain and soul are undergoing a massive change with the rest of the world and you will do yourself the world of good by giving yourself genuine praise for how far you have come with a grateful heart and a forgiving set point because ultimately happiness is an inside job that fuels your pilot light for your journey in this life and in dark times, it’s especially important to keep our soul light ablaze with pure love for ourselves, our neighbours and Earth.

Hypnotherapy can help you access this true love for yourself, embrace your pleasures without guilt or shame, to love yourself easily, to help you realise your worth, that you are enough and all you need to create the love in your life that you want, to light your way and to turn tragedy into triumph even if this is something that doesn’t come naturally or clearly to you. It starts with you teaching others how to treat you by how you take care yourself. Enjoy the sense of excitement in the air of new possibilities, new vision that accelerate through the month as your bring what works into your future and experiment with yourself, challenge yourself into new ideas and opportunities to move forward and upwards into your highest good.

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