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Face your future.

We have just crossed over into Aries territory over the long weekend and that means we all get to benefit from it’s action-packed energy for the coming weeks which is great for finding all those missing keys we’ve been looking for to unlock our full potential. If you’re lucky enough to have already unlocked, then turning to face your future will flow and be natural. If you’re not so sure and are still soul searching, then an easy way to access this kind of ancient inner knowledge is to meditate - you can find many free guided meditations that can assist you in looking for your specific key to your charms and talents. If you’re feeling blocked or overwhelmed, you may not be able to access your messages with clarity, the therapy with me can help you remove the noise so you can focus on what your true calling is. Therapy helps you to connect with your Higher Self, the one who is connected to your Creator and Angels, the one who knows all your highest good answers and has your back throughout your whole life.

If you’re open to energy healing through Crystals, then they are wonderful energy enhancers, cleansers and connectors. They are the Jewelry of Mother Earth and besides looking beautiful, they are functioning travel companions as they neutralise our energy field as we move through a very populated day amongst many different energies, even if it’s not people, it’s technology or even old traumas, so they really are handy and fun to learn about.

Facing our future can be scary, for some it means getting what we want, but after succeeding, then what? The unknown makes us insecure of making a mess, so do we go for it and take a chance of egg all over our faces, do we learn expensive lessons? For some facing our future means losing people or things. Facing the future is hard, but that is why we came to Earth, to love, learn, experience and create the future doing it. So how can you let loose and get with this crazy beautiful energy of this week? You let joy be your guide, you let your light shine, you face your future no matter how hard it is. The past doesn't define anyone anymore. Now is the time to become what you always wanted to be, because you deserve that kind self-activation. The Autumn Equinox is a stunning time of year. It’s just marked the end of equal days and nights and from tomorrow onwards, the days become shorter and the nights longer. We prepare to go within and consider what and who we love, we explore new understandings so we can see the big picture. Autumn is about BIG dreaming, being a visionary of your own world and wellbeing and finding ways to future proof your life whilst embracing all that life throws at you; the good, the bad, the curve balls, the dropped balls. Autumn usually always gets us thinking about who we have evolved into? It illuminates who our allies are through all the struggles we’ve overcome together. This brings clarity contentment which is essential for our inner peace when we’ve forged healthy relationships and partnerships. If you have any toxic connections or you have stubborn repeating cycles or stagnant issues, then your ability to feel this powerful season energy will be low. Struggle does show us what we are attached to, so it’s important to recognize that when it comes up for us – if this is something you battle with, therapy with me can help you to narrow down what is poisoning your body, brain or soul in your everyday life so that you can feel confident and joyful to step into your purpose and to journey into the flow of your rewards and abundance by healing yourself and allowing it to be contagious with those around you. If you’ve been battling under the weight of current events, remember that things are not going to always be this way. Things change constantly and it’s important to remain humble, give your gratitude's for every single one of your blessings, including the incredibly crisp and fresh air in your lungs that’s powering your body today. So give yourself permission to grow and adjust in a natural unfolding as you learn new information that is for the highest good of all, allow yourself to integrate healthy changes with ease. Be more strict with yourself about detaching from outcomes and rather let your angels and creator handle a couple of things for you. Instead of constructing every single second of your life, take time out to visit the mountains, run through a field, jump in a river, cloud gaze with your besties, picnic under the stunning Autumn trees and watch their coloured leaves fall on you, listen to healing frequency music (there is so much free content on YouTube, try it out), let your imagination out to soar for a little bit – you don’t have to be creative to dream of your ideal life using your intuition. If things like getting away to a retreat or a spiritual road trip is a challenge, whether for time, finances or both, therapy is a healthy option for self-alignment and owning your independence for your ultimate healing and maintained health so you really enjoy looking how much your reflection shines in any mirror. WhatsApp or Call 0769504075 or Email

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